We’re not tied to an industry, only to your success. Rather than using specialized tactics your customers have glossed over a thousand times over, #smarketeers use experience and creativity from all sectors to make it work well within yours.

A Portfolio of Industries

smarketeers work with various companies of all shapes and sizes across varying industries. Our specialty is Marketing (and Sales). Here’s a fun way to remember us: Our business is to drive business to your business. #business


You went to law school to become an attorney, not a Marketing professional. Partnering with smarketeering takes the pressure off you. Our team is focused to increase the number of cases you get on a monthly basis. We work with websites like LawLytics, Lawyers.com, Avvo, and many others.

Hardware & Networking

Although a niche market segment, we’ve actually helped a few hardware manufacturers as well as businesses that design networking devices, find the right customers. Acronyms like PCB, CPU, SBC, SHB, MOBO, are quite familiar to us.


B2B Marketing is a difficult. B2B in a niche category is even harder. We’re up for the challenge! Manufacturers around the US need help to promote their work. We can help.

Software & IT Services

Need to tout how Agile your SDLC truly is? Want to promote your deliverable? smarketeers work with the IT crowd often and we love to challenge ourselves on a technical level while bringing your valid sign-ups.

Health Care

Dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, family medicine, the list goes on and on. We’ve worked with so many medical professionals, especially now during COVID-19 to ensure they stay open for their patients.

Real Estate

We can focus our Marketing campaigns towards buyers, sellers, investors, residential, commercial, attached and detached. We can even help you connect your listings to your own website. We work with Zillow and Realtor and many MLS services.


Builders, roofers, plumbers, painters, pressure washing services, flooring, framing. If it’s inside or outside of the home, we can help you get your name out there using localized Marketing tactics.


The season to mow the yard is already upon us. How many people are you missing out on by not having a web presence?

Finance & Accounting

With deadlines being extended to file for returns it’s not too late to advertise your finance/accounting services. We can help you launch your page or improve your existing presence in no time.

Wellness & Fitness

Now that social distancing is a norm, how do you promote health & wellness? People still need your help! We can help you put together content that will be addicting to watch and where people wont mind paying you to reach their fitness goals while at home.

Don’t see your industry represented?

No problem! We’d love to have you create an all-new category and let smarketeering help you reach your Marketing goals. Fill out the form below and let’s grow your business together.

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